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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mystery solved in a few days

I went "team green" with my son, meaning I did not want to know the gender/sex until birth. I am so glad I went that way, a memorable surprise that was priceless. But I am finding out this time.

Wait, you may say, if "team green" was so awesome, why contradict yourself and find out this time? Well this time I simply feel like I should know ahead of time. It's just how it should be, the universe sending me that direction.

However, things are so over gendered these days...part of my "team green" drive with my son (along with the universe leading me to not finding out). I almost thought of finding out and not telling a soul aside from my husband. I cannot stand the whole gender obsession and how everything from now on will be about gender, which does matter but is blown out of proportion.

But then my mom came down from out of state and hubby is likely too busy to go to my ultrasound appointment this week. I need someone to watch my son and why not let my mom find out the gender and see the baby? She didn't get to last time.
Then my father in law's flight got cancelled so he is stuck here and cannot go back to the Midwest so he and my mother in law are all excited to come to the "reveal". Sure, I think only one adult can actually come in and see the ultrasound (my mom) but everyone else can camp out in the waiting room, right? There still excited and cannot wait to see the ultrasound photos and find out the gender.

So as much as I dread the "it's a..." And a never ending over gender-ing from now on, something I loathe, it seems the universe wants it another way. It's quite apparent. So this week I step into uncharted territory, a scary place full of basketballs and boy names or frilly pink and girl names, where everything centers around gender. I guess it is meant to be. So *** it. I will reveal the gender here in my blog when I find out, and on Facebook too. If you can't beat them, join them, right?

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