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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Social (media) Peer Pressure

Facebook is a microcosm of society, which means peer pressure exists. Cliques exist. Social faux pas, drama, it's all there, virtually. I am not talking about the serious offense of cyber bullyng, just the "hey, do what the cool kids do" of Facebook.

What do I mean, you ask? Let me give some examples.

courtesy of Let Me Live on Facebook
Let's start mildly....so if I have a daugher and do not share, does that mean I don't love my daughter? Do my Facebook friends automatically assume I am a giant arse for NOT sharing this? Will my proverbial daughter end up in counseling in college, lamenting the fact that her issues all began when mommy didn't prove her love by sharing this specific image?

To kick it up a notch, there are those images I wish  I could find, where it shows, let's say, a baby on life support and it says "share if you want to cure leukemia, ignore if you don't". Again, I end up looking like an arse if I ignore it, like I'm some sadistic twerp that says, "yeah...give every child leukemia". But if I share it, I'm perpetuating the peer pressure and guilt-tripping my friends into sharng it as well which makes me an arse  of a friend.

Then, there are those ambiguous drama posts, like, "I had the worst day. Is it worth it anymore?" and you think, is this person suicidal or...? You post a reply like, "what's wrong?" and they either ignore it or say "nbox me". Well f you are so concerned about....whatever, why post about it and then be all, "tee hee, inbox me, I don't want anyone to know what's going on." Then why did you post the dramatic post in the first place if you didn't want the attention?

And lastly, the simple etiquette of status updates and comments. If I don't "like" your post or comment, does that mean I don't actually like it? Am I forced to "like" everything to make you feel validated?

On facebook, I end up feeling like the Grinch, but I refuse to promote the peer pressure culture or drama or anything done merely to get attention. And yet,  I still go on Facebook like an addict and grumble at the stupid posts and drama and do nothing to stop it. I guess  I am part of the problem after all

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