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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Desert Adventures Reflection

I have a love-hate relatonship with the desert.  I don't do well in the heat, dust, or relentless beating sun, but it is a part of me. Growing up, my family's idea of fun was going into the Mojave Desert on a windy freezing winter day and looking at petrogylphs or looking for rocks like quartz crystals or opals. Hours and hours spent literally in the middle of nowhere, hiking away from a remote jeep trail, nothing but us and the harsh desert. Or come summer, we'd drive out of state, in the middle of hot hot August, in a black truck withoug air conditioning...hours of hundred-plus degree heat.

I keep going back though. Hubby's ancestry seeks sun and heat and he wants to retire in Palm Springs, and plus, to go anywhere means crossing the desert. I find the subtle hues of desert tones and the endlessw vistas kind of beautiful.  I wonder, what is over there? Has man ever stepped foot right over there? Why is there a trailer here, who would live here?

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