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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Might as well write my name on the bathroom wall

I remember when a "frienemy" of mine in high school wrote, in the girl's restroom "for a good time call..." With my name and number. I knew it was her cause she often misspelled my name and had distinct printing. I found out the rumors about me from someone else.

Just like in 4th grade when I put a heart candy saying "date me" in Keven Reed's Valentine. He was born a day after me, knew I existed, and looked sad when the teacher berated me in front of the class for a half our for never doing my homework. I mean this hunk and I were meant to be. His friend snatched the card an busted up laughing, "look someone wants to date Kevin pass it on". I swear Kevin gave him stink eye as each child bent over and whispered to the next. The message got to me and I ran out crying.

Anyways, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones at work but it was like Kevin and the bathroom all over again.

I live legally in place A. But moved temporarily but not legally to place B to work on finding work. We registered a car there because the post office at place A lost our license. Twice. In one. Year.

So that apparently changed my place if residence with the registrar of voters unbenounced (how the hell do you spell that?) to me. It explains why I could not vote for myself the election. FYI I ran for school board in place A. My tax record and stuff all show it as a primary residence.

Anywho my meandering point here is, journalists are filthy whores. Wait did I just say that? And how does that relate to anything?

The local newspaper called me I inquire why I changed my voter registration a bit over a week before te election. I said I didn't because until I did research last night I didn't know registering a car under your hubby and yourself at an address that actually gives you your mail, changes your voting info even if your driver's licensee, tax records, etc say differently.

So the arsehole press slandered me and ripped me a new ---hole. Publicly. In print and virtuallly. Saying I was stealing the vote, all measly 10% of it and that had I been honest, one if te other losers would have got all my vote and won. Which is statistically impossible but I digress.

They slandered me for telling another running mate that I would not be in place A for a week as I was staying on weekdays in place B. ( yes I was I had to refurb a rental or be sued, and my son was sick so there. Again all my record at that time had my primary residence in place A.).

Then the lovely little press claims I denied any contact with them when they requested info on my candidacy while running which is total b.s. you can google my name and their newspaper and clearly see my name and my blurb of info I told them. So try outright lied just to slander me.

And they were really picking for bones or whatever, saying I didn't attend a meeting on Oct 11. True, I didn't but I didn't have care for a 21 month old with a double ear infection. The meetin was at his bedtime. I figured it bad or to bring in a screaming sick child with me and being that I ran for school board, should I be all, "I care for kids first and that's why I attended this meeting with my very ill, sleepy, feverish infant in tow"?!?!

So yeah I got all sensitive and hurt. Because seeing my photo on the grit cover of the newspaper in the morning, with biased and misleading information, is more than crappy. And when the press didn't even tell me what I told them would be in print and in the front cover never the less, I think I have a darn good reason to be Hirt and pissed off. Don't people have better things to do?


  1. Nope, I don't think they have better things to do. I don't think I could ever be a reporter. I know I could not go up to someone after they have experienced a terrible tragedy and try to get a story from them and relentlessly pursue them. Nope, couldn't do that.

    So sorry for your troubles with them!


  2. Wtf? What newspaper was that in? That's ridiculous.