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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cheesy mommy moment

We had a car in the shop so hubby drove me to work in our remaining car, then we'd retrieve the other car. Anyways,

My school's cell reception is sh1t. Figuratively speaking that is, but literally too since it was built atop a manure farm. No sh1t people. But enough with the sh1t puns. Hubby couldn't reach me so he came to find me. Here comes the sappy part...

I go to ask the teacher across the hall something and she offers me a cookie (score!) then I glance down the hall and hubby is leaning in a corner all schmexy with my son in his arms. Aww I have a high school crush! You know cause he was in the hall at my school...anyways. It gets better. I g towards them and my son wants to walk so hubby puts him down and e tentatively waddles my way. He then started running and smiling. The part that got to me was I am used to seeing big monstrous kids, some over 6 feet tall in the hall. Suddenly there is just this teeny toddler in this expansive void of a school hallway. And then I decided to show him off to my coworker and my son was barely taller than the chair.

And for some reason my cheesy y heart melted to see my little guy in this big world I work in. So out of place and so cute.

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