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Monday, December 10, 2012

Amazing Grace

I live near a private lake that has overpriced cheesy shops to support the over 4 million tourists a year. I rarely go there, but has grown tired of walking around the pond sized lake in my own town, so my husband and I went here for a walk instead.

The sun had just risen, and all the shops were closed and the area was completely empty, my kind of environment, quiet. We walked past the stores and looped around by the lake.

I watched the sun and clouds at play, making pink shimmery reflections on the lake, the sun warming the water and creating a rising foggy mist. It was gorgeous.

We walked onto a private dock to grt a better view (I mean, no one was there to stop us) and suddenly we heard it.

There was a figure on a neighboring dock, facing out towards the lake. The figure was carrying something awkward. He lifted it a bit and a haunting sweet melody began to erupt.

The man had bagpipes, and was playing Amazing Grace. He did not notice our presence, so we stayed still, afraid to interrupt this private moment. The melody echoed across the lake, as the sun's colors turned golden and the mist sparkled like diamonds. Imagine that, a man's own private moment secretly a private concert for us, a gorgeous song with a backdrop only God himself could provide.

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  1. wow; it gives me goosebumps to imagine how it must have been to be there! What an amazing gift you were given I do believe!