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Friday, October 25, 2013

just keep smilin'

Have you ever been inspired by someone you have never met?

I am not talking about some famous leader, mover and shaker such as Gandhi or MLK Jr (although they are awesome!) No, I am talking about someone in a sense, just as inspiring, but not famous. I am talking about my half sister in law.

I have never met her (or her husband, my half brother, for that matter) and only know her from one email correspondence and photos her husband has shared via social media. Sadly, I will never get to meet her because she passed away last month after a battle with ALS.

I don't want to say she lost her battle, even though she has passed on, because she fought that battle like a superhero, down to her last moments. In every photo, she is smiling. I mean sure, who frowns in photos? But hello, if I had ALS, I am not so sure I would be smiling. But even through a photo over the internet, you could feel peace, joy, strength, a certain glow about her that said that she was a winner, a superhero, a bright light with a dark disease. Even after she lost her ability to walk, and probably talk and care for herself, she kept smiling and kept living. She had drinks with friends, dipped her toes in the ocean, enjoyed a sunny day while off-roading. She didn't let ALS win.
A woman I do not know but look up to, has inspired me. I hope I can somehow find her joy inside myself, not just in dark times but in good times too. She taught me strength and that life is, simply, awesome.


  1. I'm always inspired by people who live their lives to the fullest. It's too bad that you didn't get to meet your half sister-in-law in person.


  2. What an amazing woman. I'm sorry about the loss to the family, but stories like that sure do make us think, inspire us.

  3. she probably had no idea that she was so inspirational to you. Pretty amazing

  4. Not surprising you're inspired by her, she sounds like an awesome and strong character. Sorry she passed, but it's good she could be an inspiration to you!

  5. what a stunning and beautiful tribute to a Super Hero of a woman. I'm a quite inspired by two people I don't know right at this moment. thank you. :)