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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If Martha were manic

Always in constant motion. I taught him
how to use my camera.
I loathe housecleaning and house wife type things. It's just not my thing and I do not seek pride in a shiny floor. However, stuck with a newborn and toddler and no job, I am learning to accept my temporary fate as a stay at home mom. I can raise kids just fine but the rest....

However, I have to brag because in the past two weeks I cooked and actually made edible food-not just edible but delicious. Herbed lamb steaks, herbed pork roast, Italian roast beef, Portuguese bean soup to name what I remember.

I painted the bathroom, and even
hung a picture I had painted.
I cleaned the house with the help of, well, everyone. One cannot clean and de-clutter effectively with a tornado (I mean toddler) and newborn to care for 24/7. Super busy husband had the day of and took my toddler to see relatives, my aunt watched my newborn, my mom and I got down and dirty cleaning. Yes, the first time I have been kid free since my littlest one was born and I spend it doing what u hate-cleaning. But I did it. My house looked so nice and clean.

Looked. Three days later it looks like a disaster. I kept up the Martha act until today because I have a migraine aura which makes my vision all wonky and so I don't want to clean. And it is really cold, windy, and wet outside so I don't want to take the garbage out. So my house is a mess.

But I did paint the bathroom yesterday, after over 6 months of "gonna paint it", I did it. Whenever I go in the bathroom now it is like a mini vacation to someone else's exotic bathroom. Yep cause I live on the edge here ha ha ha.

So I feel both accomplished and defeated, a regular old manic Martha Stewart.
an F-2 toddler tornado struck
the hallway, cleanup efforts
have yet to begin

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