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Friday, June 21, 2013

What's a best friend?

A best friend means something different for everyone. What does it mean for me?

A best friend is someone who never judges you unfairly but when you try on some godawful dress, she will tell you the honest truth.

A best friend is someone who, when you both go your separate ways with beyond shitty boyfriends, you don't talk the other out of it knowing they won't listen, and yet you know if something happened you'd be there to pick up the pieces in seconds flat.

a best friend still says she agrees with "cutie pie" for this
omg, 15 year old photo where you look super cheesy
A best friend is someone who you sometimes struggle without, for whatever stupid reason, but you never toss them out of your life.

A best friend is some one who you can ignore (due to a busy life) but when you call them on the phone, it is like you just talked yesterday.

A best friend is some one who is the sister and sibling you never had, who "gets" your strange parents and most of all, "gets" you, maybe even more than your own parents or spouse.

A best friend is some one who loses their father and you feel like there is nothing you can do to fix your friend, so you let her know you are there, whenever, she is more than a friend she is family...and you can't say or type this without bawling your eyes out.

A best friend will follow you as you sled of cliffs, climb the highest tree, fall off a home-made zip like, hide in the closet with you to avoid fighting parents, and will share her stolen food stamps to buy an ice cream to share. She will talk to the boy you like to see if he likes you, she will defend you against bullies, she will run through the school halls playing 007 and shot angry looks at people that give you that "what a freak" look. She will croon out Metallica or Madonna lyrics with you, lyrics that mean so much at the moment.

She will thank you at graduation, for never ever judging her and loving her in the worst of times.

A best friend laughs about saggy boobs and stretch marks, failing vegetable gardens, home repair, and all those things that make us feel too old.

A best friend of 24 years and counting will love you no matter what, even when you feel like some how she doesn't know how much she means to you.

A best friend will always be just a phone call away. As the kids grow, wrinkles form, and health fails us, we will still have inside jokes and memories, and time together will go by faster than a jet plane, and just being together, shooting the breeze, will feel right, and like yesterday, today, and tomorrow have joined in timeless happiness.


  1. Hear hear. True best friends are hard to come by!

  2. Someone who sees you for who you are is such a rarity, such a treasure. I agree completely.

  3. Having a friend like that is truly a blessing. It's good to know you realize your luck!

  4. What a great friend! Long term relationships of respect and care are meaningful. I'm glad you treasure it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Everyone should have a best friend. Yours sounds fabulous!