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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Thomas Incident

My husband and I have wanderlust- hence my blog name. We cannot stay home for more than a day without going stir crazy, so we are always driving "down the hill" into civilization to wander around.

So today we went down for breakfast and then over to Bass Pro Shops so my son could see "ish", their tank full of fish.

nooo! My train is swimming
with the fishes
See the blue dot? It's Thomas, being stalked by
a catfish
Oh boy did we get a fish experience. Next to the tank is a little stream stocked with catfish and....a train. Yes, a train, my son's eagerly reluctant addition. See, he likes to throw things into the bath tub at bath time, so the stream enticed him and plonk! In went Thomas. Out of reach. A monumental level tantrum ensued.

Hubby had to go to the fishing department and ask if be could get a net and fish out a train. I stood by the creek, glaring at the catfish in case they were dumb enough to eat Thomas. A kind employee came over with a huge net and diligently worked on Thomas. He almost didn't make it out, as fishing nets are designed for fish and not toy trains. Out came a stinky slimy train , which I doused in purell multiple times. Hubby was ingenious and wiped up the puddle left from the extrication using a super absorbent diaper.

My son was reunited with Thomas and all was better with the world. I got multiple kisses of
fishing out Thomas
appreciation and he kept giving this look to Thomas that said, "oh Thomas, I will never leave you again".

And such is motherhood...urban train fishing.  

Does it make me a bad mom, in that I was laughing and taking photos the whole time?

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