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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

f#$%ng call centers and customer service

I get it. Call center reps work hard and I would never ever want that job. Ever. Regardless, I HATE them. Sure, hate is a strong word, yes, yes it is. Purposely. ---- So I called my 401k or 403b or WD40 or C3PO (gosh I hate acronyms) because I wanted to withdraw some funds.....much paperwork, faxes, a month later, lost in the mail...I am back at it again. Except this time, you know, because waiting a month and having money gets lost in the mail wasn't enough, this time; they claim my social security number does not exist. You know the one I have had for a handful of decades. The one I used to call in about my withdraw before and after they lost my freaking check. So I rather firmly said, yes that is my social security number ,I am not mistaken, fix it
So. We also switched banks. We had some bill that went through and they did the no funds so let's charge you a no funds fee. I mean, here you are unable to pay a bill so let's take more money from you cause you don't have money. That's some common sense for ya. So then, I have an account with my parents from high school that I haven't used in over a decade. So they take money from my mom. Oh no you didn’t! Yeah. They did. So we straighten that crap out after they claim they need all parties’ signatures. Mine notarized and theirs in person. Umm my parents live 14 hours away buddy. So after some bickering we fix that and I go in to get a statement. Except I cannot get my statement because I am not on the statement. I have my id, my bank card, an old statement, and the computer shows I am on the account but since the statement lacks my name, I can't get it You know, they can charge my mom instead of calling us and saying "hey a bill went through, can you pay it?", you know, get all 007 and find an ancient account I am tied to to get money, but since my name appears on everything but the statement, I cannot have it. Then she hands me the statements of my mom's, you know, the account I got myself off of since I haven't used it in a decade? The account I am no longer on, I got access to. So today we get a humongous verizon bill and hubby is all, "da fuq ?I paid them and then your mom's account paid them. Call them." So I oblige as, if we paid them twice, and they say none, it makes me mad. So I call and the guy acts like I am stupid and a liar. He asks for me to reference my bank statement for the ref number of the payment and I am all, umm no one will let me have my statement but we paid, he says ," you paid or your husband.". I respond that my hubby did, since we switched banks and everything went funky, he was better at figuring it out. Then he has the f$%&ing balls to say. “Are you sure? Maybe your husband really didn't pay the bill, maybe he lied since you don't have the statements". Seriously. He said my hubby lied to me. I'm all, I know we paid it because I have withdrawal charges or whatever, from my account and my mothers, charges that you took from us so dangnabbit we paid you. Ugh.

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