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Friday, October 10, 2014

no interest in pinterest

I kept hearing about Pinterest and decided to finally pay it a visit. I revelled in horror upon seeing it and vowed to never be a Pinterest mom. I just couldn't spend two hours and twenty bucks to make a sensory table that my kids would destroy in one minute flat, leaving me with sand and rice grains in strange places for the next decade. I just could not make sense of color coordinated popsicle stick snowmen bathroom candle votives or whatever. C'mon people, is this "home maker" thing a competition? Screw that! So what if I only sent a dozen pre-made 99 Cent Store cards to pre-school when all others sent handmade sparkly finger puppet cards with attached lollipop cupid's arrows or whatever. I didn't need to create and micromanage every childhood experience according to some website. I did not need to post my crafts on tumblr and instagram for the entire world to see how awesome of a homemaker I was.

And then....as my boys discussed penises and farts while my mom told me she was a non-traditional mother, after my grandma could not even comprehend why I had a (somewhat) clean house and planned dinner in the making....I logged onto Pinterest and made a quick pumpkin craft.

I can never get my spit together to be a mom who makes 3 exotic, never from a box, meals a day, who has a daily schedule with craft time and learning time, a seasonally hand crafted and decorated home mirroring Good Housekeeping meets Architectural Digest. Aint gonna happen.

But my kids deserve something. I won't have to send my kids to other's homes to experience a real Thanksgiving or Easter. They will see fireworks every July, and help put cheesy themed clingies on the window and help make a Holiday centerpiece. We will attend church and social functions, hang Christmas lights,  have 3 meals a day (boxed mac and cheese counts, right?). We will do a craft or Pinterest activity a week, and my home will attempt to look more clean than, say, a Hoarders episode. I won't let addiction take me over, and will do my damndest to not let depression make me into an empty shell of a mother.

 I will flounder and fail and rise again. I will never be like my best friend, a mother I dream to be. I will never quite grasp mother/home maker one-upping, and Pinterest still makes me feel like pile of crap because I don't make bunny-shaped organic cauliflower buns or whatever and...sigh...we do sometimes eat crappy fast food and leave the television on too long, the antithesis of Pinterest. I am a product of generations of neglect, and have to dig down deep and learn everything new, but it will show. And my no-sew pumpkins and soon-to-be-cooked bratwurst and kraut dinner will be proof that I am trying. I am trying to battle the Pinterest vs neglect demons and come out on top.


  1. I use Pinterest more as a dreaming device--to save pictures of places I want to go and outfits I may someday wear. :)

  2. I use Pinterest as a sharing tool, but I hardly use it otherwise. Perhaps I don't know how to use it. Yep, that's it! You, on the other hand, are miles ahead of my Pinterest capabilities, so you have nothing to fear ;)

  3. I haven't yet managed to get into Pinterest. I don't have time for crafts or gardening but I am thinking of getting more involved - just to see what is trending when I talk to customers. I'm extremely grateful to have raised young children before Pinterest and Facebook was such a thing.

    Your pumpkins are lovely.

  4. Those pumpkins are cute! But yeah, pay no attention to that crazy stuff on Pinterest. I swear half of that stuff is photoshopped. It's way more fun googling Pinterest fails! lol I use Pinterest mostly to save recipes and experiment with them. I love to cook when I can. And i'm definitely not one of those people that are 100% locally grown and sourced real foods people either. :)

  5. I use Pinterest as a resource for writing prompts and cool tech stuff.

  6. How tuned into Pinterest am I? I thought your photo was of a laundry bag with feet sticking out the top. On closer inspection, it's clear that it's a lovely package. I think I may need glasses.

    I will say I found Pinterest very useful when planning my son's Harry Potter party. For ideas, not for perfection. :)

  7. I've found a few good slow cooker recipes on Pinterest, but I mostly pin things and then forget all about them. Haven't logged in in four months.