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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Semi homemade tarts

I love tarts. Especially the creamy ones with fruit on top. When I went to France for a whole entire day I had had had to get a blueberry and cream tart. Tres deliceux! I'm oddly not much of one for sweets but French desserts are a weakness. I hate cloyingly sweet desserts like birthday cake ...yuck! So the richness of, say, tarts, tickle my fancy.

However, I royally suck as a baker and if anything requires homemade dough or even rolling dough, I don't do it. I know better. My pre made pizza dough ball looked like the surface of the moon meets Swiss cheese. My cakes crack. My pies are inedible and oozing.

So I had to suck it up and tell myself, I am not a baker .

Yet...I made French tarts! Well, sort of. My recipe will never rival the tarts from La Duree on the Champs Élysées. But my version sufficed. And I will totally make them for a potluck cause they look very fancy and like I slaved over the stove for hours! So shh don't tell! If I bring them to your potluck, please appease me and act like I did indeed slave over the stove for hours.

Here is the recipe...
A little under 2 rolls of readymade sugar cookie dough
1 lb black berries or whatever berry
1 8oz light cream cheese
1 jar lemon curd ...well really 1/2 cup but Trader snows is one tbsp over a 1/2 cup
Handful or so sugar (depending on sweetness of berries desire)

Preheat oven to 350 and grease 2 12-cupcake cupcake to a
Let cream cheese soften and curd can be room temp or lightly chilled. The berries should chill a bit in the sugar.

Smoosh the cookie dough into the tins to make cup shapes, I made 14 but could make 16+.

Cool about 15 mi. You want them light gold and cooked all the way through...my convection oven is a good one so you may need 20 mins.

Let cookie cups cool to room temp. Meanwhile once your cream cheese is soft, mix in a stand mixer with the lemon curd and chill.

Fill cookie cups with a spoonful/dollop of the lemon cream. Top with berries. Enjoy.

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