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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Everybody poops

I'm laughing but also sad my first actual conversation wih my son was about poop.

Okay so my speech delayed son and I just had our first conversation...as in more than "what do you want for dinner?" "Ham-boo-ga I eat". No. This was actual conversation. It went something like this (details sketchy thank you head cold)

Me: who's who is stinky? (As I eye the dogs who had terrible gas earlier)

Son: (proudly) I stee-kee (stinky)

Me: ok let's change your diaper. Why don't you use the potty like a big boy? Mom and dad use the potty.

Son: you paw hee

Me: yes but you need too. Why don't you try and use the potty?

Son: paw hee sad. It sad.

Me: why is the potty sad?

Son: be-cuh I say so

Me: (to clarify) you're stinky?

Son: yeah

Me: ok let's change your diapers. Why didn't you stinky in the potty like a big boy?

Son: I stee kee paw-hee

Me: no you didn't you went in your diaper

Son: I didn't

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