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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Creamy Dijon Chive Chicken

Living in a small town with just a pizza place, burger place, Mc Donalds, and Subway (with any other food 30+ minutes away) means I can't really just "grab a bite to eat" with my lovely old gluten intolerance. Choosing a boxed meal or "semi homemade" kind of meal isn't easy. Even just chewing a recipe online isn't that simple, especially when many gluten free recipes call for amaranth flour and anthem gum, expensive ingredients that don't exactly exist in my grocery store (which doesn't even have a single Indian-Subcontinent type of food, isn't that crazy???)

Anyways where was I? Oh yes. It is hard to have a restricted diet in the middle of nowhere. Add in my broken foot and sprained ankle and two kids under 5 to chase around and...I wasn't exactly being a culinary queen. I managed to lose weight just sitting on my ass eating potato chips while everything healed.

Finally, I'm mostly healed! Unable to drive yet....but...able to stand, hobble around, and COOK!

So I found a recipe online that looked really good except it had drasted wheat flour, and chicken broth (which is usually gluten free, but I realized I didn't have any on hand anyways). Nevertheless, I went for it, minus two ingredients, and was very pleased with the results. I would certainly make it again and if it were served in a restaurant, I'd "yelp" about it. Here goes....and...I do believe a little chicken broth or that better than bouillon stuff would make it better, but it wasn't lacking without.

4      chicken breasts or thighs, or a few more of those scrawny tenderloins (whatever you have on hand)
3-4   tbsp olive oil (I love kalamata oil)
1      tbsp butter
1/4     cup white wine
??   chives.... I used probably 5 or six chive strands? chopped,
pinch   salt and pepper to taste
splash of chicken broth, optional
2      diced scallions or, in a pinch, half a small red onion
1/3 c    sour cream (i usually loathe "light" things but prefer light sour cream. non-light yogurt would be even better!
1 tea  dijon mustard (I use Trader Joes garlic aioli mustard, it is even better than dijon imho)

warm a large saucepan and season your chicken, add some of the oil to pan, sauté chicken until golden. Remove from pan.

Add more oil and sauté the scallions/onions until translucent.

Deglaze pan with wine and add the chicken (splash of broth if you have it) and add chicken back in. Cover, cook 5-10 minutes until sauce reduces and chicken is fully cooked if not already.

Mix sour cream and mustard in a bowl, use a spoon to spoon in a tbsp of the cooking chicken-sauce stuff into the sour cream mixture ti temper it. Mix. Add in the cream sauce into the pan. Stir, simmer a few minutes until mixed and warmed. Sprinkle on your chives.

Serve immediately

I like it over mashed potatoes, with a side of green beans or peas.